AdvoCare Group offers employers best-practice strategies for managing workplace injury, disability, and wellness initiatives.

AdvoCare Group provides nation-wide medical and administrative case management and consultative services.

Our staff is comprised of clinicians and administrative professionals with vast experience in the fields of nursing and care coordination, holistic treatments, vocational counseling and rehabilitation, claims examination, and return-to-work practices.

AdvoCare MCO

Certified by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, AdvoCare MCO serves the Ohio workforce through assertive and effective medical case management for job-related injuries.

AdvoCare Health Services

AdvoCare Health Services provides an array of case management services to mitigate the costs associated with healthcare.

VoCare Services

VoCare Services provides specialized vocational rehabilitation and consultative services to assist disabled or severely injured individuals in achieving a successful and prompt return to work, as well as personal and professional independence.

Benefits 1 Group

Benefits 1 Group provides Third Party Administration (TPA) cost-control solutions designed to help employers minimize healthcare costs associated with workers’ compensation and related employee absence.

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